Brighton Boutique Designer Lingerie by Dentelle etc #madeinBritain

Last month we caught up with Christina El-Hawi, the designer behind Brighton’s Boutique lingerie about ETHICS, FASHION and LIFE of a MODERN WOMAN. For a insight into what makes Dentelle etc’s beautiful style & great made in Britain quality so unique and inspiring, read on.

dentelle-lingerie-uk-designer2 dentelle-lingerie-uk-designer3 dentelle-lingerie-uk-designer4 dentelle-lingerie-uk-designer5
dentelle-lingerie-uk-designer6 dentelle-lingerie-uk-designer
dentelle-lingerie-uk-designer8 dentelle-lingerie-uk-designer10
dentelle-lingerie-uk-designer9 dentelle-lingerie-uk-designer7

How would you describe Dentelle etc’s style?
It’s varied, wearable, beautiful and trendy.

Who is the women that wears Dentelle etc..?
Women I see around me everyday, fulfil so many roles and juggle alot in each day. Full time mums, professionals, students etc. They are friendly, fun, trendy and constantly on the go, but want to look effortlessly good too.

The brand therefore does not conform our customer to one bracket, and expect her to be sultry all season, or practically dressed everyday. Our debut collection caters for three main moods, Romance (Rose), Boudoir (Onyx), Opal (Beautifully Practical with vintage influence) and even more to come with SS14.

Where do you find inspiration for Dentelle etc.. collections?
My main inspiration is outerwear! Long lace gowns, designers like Zuhair Murad, definately make me reach out for my sketch pad. Why, I have no idea!
I monitor fashion trends closely and try to find fabrics & designs that would compliment those trends in lingerie. There is no reason why lingerie shouldn’t be fashion forward.

Are the fabrics important to your lingerie collection & how do you select them?
Quality & feel first! It doesn’t get much closer to your skin than lingerie!  I try to find prints which stand out and lace patterns to contrast, like our unique Rose print and Onyx lace.
Why is being Made in Britain important to you? 
It means great quality and more control over lead times. The fact that I am able to drive to the factory (although I did not need to do that so far) is quite comforting at this stage of the business cycle. Also, there’s the reassurance that no human rights are being violated, whilst at the same time supporting the UK economy, which is a bonus.

I hope that gives you an insight into Dentelle etc. I would be really happy if you were to stock some Dentelle etc… lingerie at some point in the future. Red Box is one of the stockists that I would love to be affiliated with!

It has a been a pleasure pouring over beautiful lingerie and meeting someone who really understands how the modern woman lives, Dentelle etc is one of our favourite british lingerie designers #madeinBritain, this week I am lusting after the Onyx sheer bar, last week the longline Opal plunge bra, something for every mood. x

Sue x

Founder RBL


Underwear as Outerwear #LSNBB


Here at RBL we believe that Lingerie Should Never be Boring so we delve into the hottest trend this season, with Jason Wu and Nina Ricci sporting corsets on the catwalk, we’ve teamed with the best in the business to bring you the finest in Underwear as Outerwear. With some of the UK’s best independent designers, this on trend concept can be achieved in a sophisticated manner. Wearing structured basques to a Christmas Ball or layering with lace bodies and velour wraps for day to day tasks.

Lascivious Luxury Lingerie
Made in Britain

Rihanna daringly shows her Lascivious Milla Bra. This exposed bra look can also be great with a tailored jacket or wrap blouse.

Tatu Couture Bodywear
Luisa Sidoli’s luxury bodies are perfectly sculpted to wear with skinny jeans or just as here with a leather skirt. The Katrina Body is made from fishnet mesh with control panelling.

Nichole de Carle London
Made in Britain

Worn here by the London based designer Nichole de Carle herself the ONYX Basque Bra, whilst Charlotte de Carle (Nichole’s sister and head atelier) wears the classic brief with braces.

Marlies Dekkers
Dutch designer

Fernanda Brandao attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, wearing this beautiful lace blouse and the Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris black padded plunge bra. There are so many celebrities we love to see in Marlies Dekkers’ Bras, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessie J and more, see here.

Kriss Soonik
London based designer from Estonia, makes her garments in her family’s home town of Tallin.
kriss soonik -lingerie-as-outerwear-0829-horizontal-gallery

A spot of shopping, grab a luxuriously comfortable yet stylish Kriss Soonik Diana Wrap , with the designer’s signature lace wing cut outs and satin belt.

Keep up to date with all this season’s inspirations at RBL. And remember, Lingerie Should Never be boring. #LSNBB

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Indian Princess Kimono-feature-blog

An Interview with Fred & Ginger the Hollywood Glamour British Lingerie Label

Indian Princess-bra-suspender-fred-ginger Indian Princess-babydoll-fred-ginger Indian Princess-set-fred-ginger Indian Princess Kimono-fred-ginger

Launched at London Fashion Week in 2007 by Victoria Holt, Fred and Ginger are an iconic independent British lingerie label. Any women who loves her lingerie will instantly recognise Fred & Ginger’s Hollywood style glamour.  While the luxury label has grown many times over since it’s launch, Victoria Holt CEO & Founder, is still firmly supporting British skilled hands in the North East. Read our interview with one of Britain’s most successful lingerie women in lingerie.

Vitoria, it’s been wonderful to speak with the seamstresses who make your designs, everyone adores your creations, how would you describe the Fred & Ginger lingerie style?

High Quality Luxury Glamour with a nod to 50’s Hollywood.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I get inspired by anything and everything! From movies and scuba diving to a decorative mural on the street corner… I always carry a sketch pad on me to capture everyday moments that are inspirational.

Who is the woman you design for?

She’s confident and sassy, knows her mind and loves style, high quality and design. Romance features highly on her list of priorities with men and she loves to be spoilt!

There is a beautiful boudoir character to your lingerie, when would you envisage for Fred & Ginger to be worn?

Fred & Ginger is primarily a boudoir brand, meaning the collections are ideal for the bedroom. However we’re getting more and more emails from our customers saying that they prefer to show the pieces off by matching them with outerwear such as a fitted Tux or sheer blouse so the piece can visible to the public!

How do you choose which fabrics to use & why?

We use 100% silk as the base of all our designs. The feel of silk against the body is second to none and adds to the confidence and sensuality of the wearer. Even our bra’s are lined with silk so they are a delight to wear.

And what can we look forward to seeing from Fred & Ginger in the future?

We are looking into designing a more basic collection that can be worn easily during the day and perhaps a luxury maternity collection too. In terms of style and design, this is my signature so I can’t imagine it changing significantly over the years. At Fred & Ginger we are a creator of trends and not followers of them. We are constantly being featured on trend forums such as WGSN for what’s new and upcoming.

Why is it important that Fred & Ginger is Made in Britain?

We love that our product is made in the UK and that we’re supporting our great British skills and talent. Of course this adds to the cost but we hope that our customers appreciate that. Our product is not mass produced but made to order, which offers our customers the reassurance that their product is indeed limited and made especially for them.

It’s been a pleasure talking with you, I for one am glad to see a collection of beautiful vibrant colours. All too often we shy away from them, but here we can see how fantastic this looks against our skin, awaking the senses to  feel truly alive, we can’t wait to stock Fred & Ginger soon.

Sue x

Founder RBL


DD+ Body with Edge!

All Undone Body

The Lottie Body by All Undone
Preview SS14 collection
Made in Britain
DD-GG size lingerie with edge, officially our latest favourite brand!
Styled in colour blocks, with structured support for the fuller cup. All Undone are the lingerie label to watch in 2014.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with the lovely ladies behind all undone – released later this week x


Christmas Gifts, Need Some Gorgeous Inspiration?


Option 1: D-G Cup Glamorous Lingerie by Miss Mandalay


Option 2: Luxury Silk Kimono is Berry Red by Fleur of England


Option 3: Playful and flirty loves purple lace by Mimi Holliday


Option 4: Playful and flirty prefers shorts purple lace by Mimi Holliday


Option 5: For the Love Vixen Lascivious Kitty


All gift wrapped for your loved one x
Shop Christmas Gifts and treats here at RBL.


A Season Celebrating Why ‘Lingerie Should Never be Boring’


Join us at RBL for a season where ‘Lingerie Should Never be Boring’, #LSNBB as we celebrate the very best features of great luxury lingerie design, the very best avant garde and fashion forward style. Along with RBL’s campaign for #MadeinBritain we focus on the best of British designer lingerie and highlight the sustainable and ethical labels of our fashion throughout the season. Links will be made available as the weeks move on – follow us @RedBoxLingerie and don’t miss a thing. Tweet us #LSNBB for your suggestions and comments.

Part 1: We look at the UK’s Most Innovative Seductive Black Lingerie


Part 2: Underwear as Outerwear Trend
Showcasing the best ways to be on trend this season.
Featuring Tatu Couture, the iconic Tattoo inspired illusional, bodysuits and slips. Made in the North West.


Part 3: The Way Gorgeous Lingerie Makes a women feel, 5 Benefits of Wearing Beautiful Designer Lingerie

Part 4: Avant-garde Lingerie Design
a) Top 5 Innovative Harness Briefs
b) Playsuits
c) Bras
d) Bodies


Part 5: In the Bridal Boudoir with Luxury Lingerie

Part 6: Lingerie Inspired Fashion (from SS14 collections NYFW & LFW) – More to come

Part 7. Bra Care Tips: Looking After Your Designer Lingerie

Part 9: Fashion & Lingerie:

a) Gold Opulence in Lingerie & Fashion

b) Pop Art Meet your Underthings

Part 10: 5 Reasons to Support British Made Fashion (Lingerie, Ready to Wear, Accessories)
Why Support British Made Fashion/ Lingerie & British ateliers?

Part 11: The Art of Seduction: We indulge in Glamorous Black Lace Lingerie from around the world -More to come

Part 12: The Best Ever Lingerie Photography

Part 13: The Art of Fashion through LingerieHow architecture inspires fashion inspires iconic lingerie design. The Art of lingerie. -More to come

Part 14: The Future of Lingerie Design: Fashion Forward Directional Lingerie Design

Part 15: The Best Ever Lingerie Editorials – More to come

Part 16: Lingerie on Film – More to come

Part 17: Swimwear Couture

Part 18: The Art of Seduction:  Indulge in Haute Couture Glamorous French Lace Lingerie – More to come

Part 19: Iconic Women in Lingerie

Part 20: Back in the Boudoir
Featuring Darkest Star, Tied up in Style and Lascivious the number one leading label in luxury innovative seductive lingerie, designed around the aesthetics of sex.


New Talent: Hannah’s GFW Ornate (‘Fleuri’) Lingerie Collection










Hannah your beautiful lingerie is opulent to excess, making them amongst the most luxurious of Graduate Fashion Week. Tell us about the type of woman you design for

I design women like me, ambitious, strong minded, girly and confident is the woman I always have in mind whilst designing. I like my designs to make the woman feel glamourous yet also flattered by the silhouettes of my pieces.

I would like to think that the lingerie I design is beautiful but the woman can wear it whenever she wants, day to day or for special occasions. I’d also like to think that due to my attention to detail she would even consider wearing it as outerwear.

Where do you find inspiration for your lingerie designs?

I find my inspiration for my designs from my everyday life, I am always inspired by colour, patterns and prints as well as object I may come across. I have always been interested in art and a very keen drawer and illustrator therefore most of my designs are inspired by my own sketches. I like to keep a small sketchbook for my everyday life so if I see something when I’m out one day or something in a magazine or a particular outfit someone is wearing I can jot my ideas down and save them for later.

We love the variety of materials, the effects of opulent gold and yellow tones used in your designs for GFW, tell us about the fabric you chose and the qualities each brings to the end garment?

Thank you, I found sourcing the materials for my collection quite difficult, I even had to narrow them down as I intended to incorporate metal into the designs as well! The collection was called ‘Fleuri’ which is the french word for ‘Ornate’ so everything in my collection had to be just that. I wanted my collection to pursue quite a wide range of materials so something quite harsh like the leather mixed in with quite soft buttery yellow laces.

Where in the world do you find such beautiful fabrics?

I’m really into second hand and vintage items, this can be practiced with fabrics too, a lot of my lace I’de bought second hand, and my yellow silk had to be dyed as it proved difficult to get the exact shade I wanted. I’m a big believer in taking something that might not be so fantastic and working with that to come out with something perfect. All of my applique lace was sprayed bronze and then hand painted over with gold by myself to get the effect I desired. I was really lucky to source such a fantastic piece of leather that fit in perfectly to my collection, it was from a london based company called GH Leathers who do quite a lot of work with my university.

Your lingerie collection look very involved, with a complex number of elements, tell us about the intricacies of making your collection.

I have always loved embellishment ever since I was a small child, so I just knew this was going to play a big part in my collection. My mother helped me out with the hand stitching which was quite nice for us to sit down together to work on these pieces. I wanted heavy beading on my garments because I knew as soon as my designs hit that catwalk I wanted them to sparkle and catch the light and also peoples attention.

Next I am moving to Sri Lanka to start my career as design manager for a global company called ‘Stretchline’ who are very generous sponsors to my university course. I am most looking forward to this next stage.

It’s lovely to hear that this became a labour of love between mother and daughter, but also the time taken to source and reuse quality fabrics sustainably. The end result is truly stunning and nothing short of exquisite luxury.

Check out Hannah’s stunning ornate lingerie designs and share your love below.

Stay tuned for more talent this month as part of NEW TALENT MONTH.

Founder RBL

Picture 1,3-7- Graduate Fashion Week Collection
GFW- Images Courtesy of De Montfort University
Picture 2- Illustrations of the collection
Picture 8- Editorial for London based Kit Magazine
Picture 9- Marie Antoinette Photoshoot for client & London based subMISSION magazine (garment on right)

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New Talent: GFW Statement Lingerie by Jodi


Jodi-Ann Fowler2

Jodi-Ann Fowler 1

Jodi-Ann Fowler4

Jodi-Ann Fowler3

(Sue, Founder RBL) Jodi, we adore your blue lace collection, particularly that you have a very avant-garde style, particularly with the neck piece, sexy shoulder garment and unique application of textures. Tell us about when you intend for your designs to be worn?

(Jodi) The collection consists of bodywear pieces and typical lingerie items which could be worn as either outerwear or underwear. The garments in my collection are to be worn to make a STATEMENT. An outfit can be worn as statement lingerie or individual garments could be added to a ready to wear outfit. In fact some of the pieces in my collection are more outerwear than underwear, for example one outfit includes a pair of leggings.

I like to think pieces of my collection could be worn as outerwear, so I love this current trend! For me as a designer, I like the idea of my work being seen rather than hidden away.

Tell us about the range of textures and fabric used in your collection ?

The lace used in my collection was actually from six different vintage wedding dresses. I wanted a huge amount of different sized lace motifs and couldn’t really find what I wanted until I came across a wedding dress! I unpicked all the lace from the different dresses, dyed and then spray painted sections. After this it was a labour of love hand sewing these details onto my garments. I also used Lycra and chiffon in my collection which I had digitally printed with a pattern I created from my drawings and a number of photographs I had taken. I also used elements of suede cording on my garments. This involved cutting and sewing each cord individually to suit the bespoke garments.

How would you describe your style?

My style is certainly unusual when compared with commercial designs, I’m not afraid to layer a variety of fabrics, creating different combinations and textures. This deepens the overall effect and arouses the senses. Whilst you may not normally like the use of Lycra to create a garment for it’s utilitarian purpose, with layered lace the fabric takes on a whole new depth and instantly becomes a statement.

What inspired you for this collection?

There are two main inspirations for this collection, samurai and shells! I looked at beautiful armour, which inspired the high necks, colour palette, heavy looking lace and corded elements in my collection. I looked at shells because of the idea of protection in nature. The detailed textures and patterns on shells mainly inspired my print and embellishment. The designer that most inspired me was Balmain as I love the shapes and detail of the garments.

As huge fans of avant-garde style and exquisite detailing, we can’t wait to hear where you’re heading next?

I will be working in Hong Kong, learning more about the technical elements of lingerie design, for the next two years which is so exciting, I can’t wait to get over there and get started! After that I would love to work in another country gaining design inspiration before returning back home to England.

We wish you a great time in Hong Kong and cannot wait to see you future work.

Check out Jodi’s stunning avant-garde lingerie designs and share your love below.

Stay tuned for more talent this month as part of NEW TALENT MONTH.

Founder RBL

Images owned by De Montfort University.

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New Talent: Kate Howard Everyday Garments Personified


DMU Leicester. Contour Show at Graduate Fashion - Kate Howard
Kate Howard: DMU Leicester. Contour Show, Graduate Fashion Week.

DMU Leicester. Contour Show at Graduate Fashion - Kate Howard

DMU Leicester. Contour Show at Graduate Fashion - Kate Howard


(Sue, Founder RBL) Firstly huge congratulations on gaining a post designing with Abercrombie & Fitch. After seeing your GFW collection we adore the feminine nature of your lingerie designs and soft luxurious laces. Many of your designs incorporate elements designed to be worn on show, what is your view on underwear as outerwear?

I think the concept of underwear as outerwear plays a huge part in the industry today. More and more frequently underwear pieces from high-end brands can be seen worn as outerwear- take Jessie J wearing Lascivous’ Tyra at the recent V Festival. With my collection I wanted to take this concept and filter it down to be more accessible to every day wear- for example, having capped embroidered tulle sleeves stitched into bra strapping which would then ‘peek out’ underneath outerwear (a shift dress for example). I like the concept of being able to wear an everyday garment and have your lingerie be able to add personality to it in a sophisticated manner.

I admire the simplicity of your suspender sets yet in contrast you use intricate fabric combinations, tell us about the type of woman you design for?

I love creating garments that I imagine would be pieces that women would view as timeless. As well as always aiming to create luxurious pieces, I think I am also quite practical in the way they are assembled. For instance, I feel there is nothing more unflattering than a suspender where the elastic digs in, it can really make you feel uncomfortable. So when designing my collection, all of my suspenders and briefs are ‘bagged out’ so all the elastic is hidden.

Can you share with us some of the places that you find inspiration for your designs?

I tend to be drawn towards interiors a lot when designing, and look a lot at the ambience of places/rooms/buildings. From there I tend to build up an image of a muse so to speak, and imagine what her wardrobe would be like/her day to day life/ her treasured possessions. For my final collection, it was primarily research into artist Dale Chihuly which inspired me. It was then a visit to Claridges hotel to see the chandelier, which really inspired me. The whole atmosphere of the hotel is just beautiful; it really is such a special place.

What did you find the most challenging aspect of your designing and making your own lingerie collection?

I think the most challenging part of designing and making a lingerie collection is simply there just aren’t enough hours in the day! For me personally, the most challenging part was creating the embroidery on each garment. I decided to use what is known as ‘rats tail’, horrible name I know! It is a thin cord, which I then stitched in a swirling pattern directly on to the garment, covering bulk areas. In hindsight, I don’t know how I had the patience to it! I remember feeling so determined at the time, and if it wasn’t for the company of all the contour girls in the sewing room I don’t think I would have achieved it at all.

The work that goes into creating a luxury lingerie set is incomprehensible, the time and perseverance of such labours of love, but the end result is worth it. So what now, what does the future hold for you?

I’m really looking forward to the transition from studying as a student in to working in the industry, and seeing how the skills I have learnt can be developed. I’m really looking forward to working with different design briefs and the array of challenges this will bring.

I hope that within the next ten years I just seize every opportunity that comes along, and make the most of the fantastic start I have been granted already.

We can’t wait to see more of your creations in the future. And particularly how the addition of lingerie to ready to wear garments can help women express their true personality. Thank you so much for sharing these with us, and we wish you every success with your career.

Sue x
Founder RBL

Stay tuned for more talent this month and don’t forget to share how you love Kate’s designs below.

Images owned by De Montfort University.

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It’s Official Britain’s Coolest Lingerie Brands 2013-14 CoolBrands®

It’s official 2013-14 CoolBrands®



Atsuko Kudo
Described as ‘classically elegant using pioneering techniques’ (CoolBrand®), Atsuko Kudo has one of the most distinctive styles in intimate apparel design. Sexy avant-garde designs made exclusively from latex, Atsuko’s lingerie is both empowering and innovative.

See more of Atsuko Kudo’s lingerie and underwear as outerwear made from latex here.



Kriss Soonik
Leading a lingerie revolution, since her first collection launched in 2009, Kriss Soonik revels in creations that blur the lines of what is lingerie? With her collection’s coining the phrase ‘luxe loungerie’ Kriss Soonik’s garments not only embrace but denote ‘underwear as outerwear’. Kriss Soonik’s on trend lingerie and loungewear coined is now sold Worldwide in exclusive boutiques.

The CoolBrands® List for 2013-14 also includes Stella McCartney for her Ready to Wear collections, whilst paying homage to the latest fragrance L.I.L.Y Absolute and Stella’s lingerie collection.

View the entire list of 2013-14 CoolBrands® on the official website here.


New Talent: Exclusive Interview with Hottest New Designer of Latex Lingerie Beth Parkin


DMU Contour fashion graduate fashion week advance images- 2013 - Beth Parkin

DMU Contour fashion graduate fashion week advance images- 2013 - Beth Parkin

DMU Contour fashion graduate fashion week advance images- 2013 - Beth Parkin

DMU Contour fashion graduate fashion week advance images- 2013 - Beth Parkin

DMU Contour fashion graduate fashion week advance images- 2013 - Beth Parkin

(Sue, Founder RBL) Firstly tell us about why you have chosen latex as the material to work with, for your designs?

(Beth) I’ve been wearing latex and a part of the fetish scene for several years and it’s just a material that excites me so much more than traditional fabrics. I seem to be much more inspired when thinking in terms of designing a latex garment. As latex is hand glued, it was also a bonus being able to make most of my collection in the studio or at home as opposed to in the university sewing room. But this can also mean greater flexibility with the contour design.

How would you describe your unique individual style?

When designing my style is more girly than my day to day style of dressing, I wear lots of black but when creating I enjoy using pretty colours and feminine detailing. I try to create elegant lingerie with a little something different, a hint of fetish and the avant-garde.

What is your opinion on the Underwear as Outerwear concept?

I love it! Lingerie and corsetry is often too exquisite (and expensive) to hide away.
It deserves to be seen and admired.

I cannot agree more – this is exactly our philosophy at RBL.

Can you share with us some of the places that you find inspiration for your designs?

I used websites such as StyleSight and WGSN to research the key lingerie trends and shapes when beginning to design my collection. Atsuko Kudo are always a huge inspiration for me, and I took particular inspiration from Giambattista Valli and Oscar de la Renta for my ‘Hexapus’ collection, as well as from visits to the Sea Life Center to study the Cephalopods.

How do you see lingerie design and fashion changing over the next few years?

I think lingerie is moving towards being more comfort orientated with soft bras creating a more natural breast silhouette. High tech fabrics and bonded garments have so much more potential as well.

And finally where next? Where do you see your fashion career headed over the next 5-10 years?

I feel so lucky to have landed a job doing what I want to do so quickly, I was prepared to have to work towards this for a long time! I hope to stay with Invincible (latex specialist) for a few years to learn as much as possible whilst building my own high fashion latex brand on the side. I also have some ideas for a swimwear range, which will be a nice change of pace if I ever find the time to develop them! I don’t know what the future holds for me but I’m definitely excited to find out.

(Sue) As admirers of Atsuko Kudo’s designs it’s great to see a young designer taking this versatile material to a new level, exposing the beauty of latex and giving women great designer lingerie to express themselves individually. Thank you for sharing your lingerie and inspirations with us.

Check out Beth’s beautifully feminine collection of avant-garde latex lingerie designs.

Stay tuned for more talent this month as part of NEW TALENT MONTH and share your love below.

Sue x
Founder RBL

Images owned by De Montfort University.

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Luxury Lingerie Designer of the WeeK ID Sarrieri AW13

ID Sarrieri Luxury Lingerie AW13
ID Sarrieri Luxury Lingerie AW13















ID Sarrieri Luxury Lingerie AW13
ID Sarrieri Luxury Lingerie AW13



ID Sarrieri Luxury Lingerie AW13
ID Sarrieri Luxury Lingerie AW13

ID Sarrieri’s AW 2013/14 collection oozes femininity, with a clear design focus on the curves of a beautiful woman’s body.

The lingerie designer intended to expose the shoulders and neck romantically adoring these gentle lines of the body. Covered in delicate lace in a combination of rich luxurious purples and reds in contrast to the praline layered lingerie pieces of the collection, mean there is a style to suit any mood and any woman’s personal style.

I.D. Sarrieri’s Autumn Winter lingerie collection arouses the senses, elegant yet vibrant at the same time you cannot ignore the bold statement this luxury underwear makes.

With each new line ID Sarrieri plays with alternative avant-garde design and aesthetics in contour design.
The collection is rich in luxurious silk satin and in contrast other lines combine soft lace insets in a classic style with a modern twist.

As always ID Sarrieri lavishes their lingerie with Swarovski Crystals, reflecting classical elegance and creating a magical collection.

We are huge fans of ID Sarrieri at Red Box Lingerie, each season the luxury lingerie collections never fail to disappoint at the directional avant-garde design house continue to inspire, seduce and intrigue beautiful women all over the world.

In fact I am torn as to my favourite piece, which just goes to show the collection is complete there is something for every woman’s mood.

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Nina Ricci AW13 Underwear as Outerwear with NDC London





Inspired by the Underwear as Outwear trend, lashings of lingerie on the Catwalk and most importantly Nina Ricci’s AW13 Collection featuring corset basque top styling and pencil skirts.
Tonight we’re off to eLai London’s debut lingerie Fashion show in Camden Town, with the dress code ‘Fashionably Fabulous’ What does one wear? Moi, I’m wearing Nichole de Carle London, Couture Catwalk Basque and Pencil skirt, in sophisticated, belle du nuit black.

Find out more about Nichole de Carle London’s Luxury Collections here.
Or to find out more about Nina Ricci’s stunning Paris AW13 collection view the catwalk here.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some fabulous catwalk pics of eLai London’s new luxury lingerie collection x

DMU Leicester. Contour Show at Graduate Fashion - Katie Menzies

New Talent: GFW Exclusive Interview With Lingerie Designer Katy Menzies

Katylarge-poster 2

DMU Leicester. Contour Show at Graduate Fashion - Katie Menzies

DMU Leicester. Contour Show at Graduate Fashion - Katie Menzies

Katy Menzies 2

As part of New Talent Month we’ve interviewed Katy Menzies, an award winning Graduate from De Montfort University. Read on to discover Katy’s frivolous style inspiration, modern techniques and directional design in luxury lingerie.

(Sue, RBL Founder) ‘Katy, firstly huge congratulations on your role working with Courtaulds and secondly for being the winning designer of the M&S competition (Shown below). We absolutely adore the lemon lace lingerie collection presented during Graduate Fashion Week.’

Katy Menzies M&S lingerie

(Sue, RBL Founder) How are your designs intended to be worn?

(Katy, Lingerie Designer) “Thank you, the inspiration for my collection came from the love life and jewellery collection of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and it was from this that I started to look at what we think of when we think of her and the image of her in “cat on a hot tin roof” is so iconic and yet truly beautiful slips just weren’t around. They had become such functional garments and I felt that I was time they had a new lease of life.”

(Sue) Sounds perfect, every woman needs a slip for her wardrobe but why shouldn’t it be something glamorous and beautiful.

What is the kind of woman that would wear your designs?

(Katy)“I see her as someone frivolous and fashionable; she likes to enjoy her fashion. Whether she lets the edge of the lace drop beneath her dress or she’s the only one who gets to see it – great lingerie gives you confidence.”

(Sue) How do you see the development of lingerie design moving forward?

(Katy)“I think it’s a really exciting time to be working within the lingerie industry, it is becoming more and more popular and exciting, as women want more from their garments. With fabric technology and new ways of producing lingerie even everyday garments are becoming more exciting.”

(Sue) What is your view on Underwear as Outerwear concept?

(Katy)“I think it’s always great when women enjoy their fashion, and this trend is only pushing design further.”

(Sue) Can you share with us some of the places that you find inspiration for your designs?

(Katy)“I love to go along to exhibitions particularly places such as the V&A for this project I spent a lot of time looking through vintage garments. I was lucky enough to have a tutor with a rather vast collection for me to draw from and study. But I have also spent a lot of time in some very exclusive jewellery shops, taking inspiration from the colours and shapes that are used.”

(Sue) Which fabrics do you love to work with most and why?

(Katy)“I love soft and luxurious fabrics such as silks and creamy modal anything that drapes well and feels special, it doesn’t have to be expensive ”

(Sue) And finally, where next?

(Katy) “I am currently working at Courtaulds who design for many companies here in the UK and abroad but my aim for the next five to ten years is to live and work in as many different cities around the world. I want to travel and see as much as I can, taking in the different styles across cultures.”

Kate Menzies 1
(Katy pictured with one her lingerie slip designs above.)

(Sue) We wish you the very best of luck with your career and cannot wait to see some fabulous designs in the future, Red Box Lingerie will certainly be watching out for more.

Stay tuned for more talent this month and don’t forget to share how you love Katy’s designs below.

Sue x
Founder RBL

Images owned by De Montfort University.

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elai poster- Lisette

eLai London: Luxury Lingerie Worn to be Seen




elai poster- Lisette


Goliath blue



Tornado side2


The most breathtakingly stunning lingerie to have launched onto the scene in ages! You are looking at eLai London’s (Eva Lai) exclusive debut collection.

Described as a bold and sophisticated collection of works, eLai is a luxury lingerie label which has grown from a First class honours graduate in Fashion Contour and has been featured in Vogue and Tatler, even before the label had begun.

With a selection of her work on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum, eLai is already making history with her luxury lingerie collection.

Eva’s career to date involves working with Agent Provocateur and famously assisting in Kanye West’s Paris Fashion Week’s Fall 2012 collection. Eva also created a couture bridal lingerie collection for Sambalina.

ELai London’s unique style is seductive
, sophisticated, and provocative with keen attention to detail incorporating luxurious fabrics:

“Touch is just as important as the aesthetic. Materials that I use are to invoke the senses” (Eva Lai, 2013)

It’s also clear to see from the dress pieces how eLai promotes the Underwear as Outerwear concept, To quote the designer directly, “Let the World see your Undies” (Eva Lai, 2013).

If you haven’t already spotted it, check out RAW’s website for eLai’s collection catwalk on 25th September and look our for her AW13 collection soon.

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Jessie J Rocks Underwear as Outerwear

The site that innovates lingerie, Nineteen13, noticed Jessie’s love of great british designer lingerie labels. Not only for the green benefits (sustainability, carbon footprint etc) but also for the directional design – perfect for the Underwear as Outerwear trend.

Here Jessie is wearing a bespoke cage top & briefs created by Chloe Hamblen, British designer behind Lascivious, the luxury label that celebrates the aesthetics of sex, at the V festival.

More recently JessieJ performed for Radio 2 at Hyde Park wearing this beautiful silk and sheer, Bodysuit and OPAL Bra by Nichole de Carle London.

Previously JessieJ performed in the best selling Bordelle Dress.

These designer lingerie labels are all home grown, made in the UK, ethically sourced and skilfully made.

Jessie rocks a Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris Bra, the Dutch designers most successful bra design inspired by the structure of the Eiffel Tower. Made to be worn on show.

Jessie J is a great advocate for our saying ‘Lingerie should NEVER be Boring’, but she is also bravely leading the Underwear as Outerwear trend whilst supporting great British Lingerie Designers.

We absolutely love you Jessie x

Sue x


Designer Lingerie Fashion Show Paris: The Catwalk

Here’s a little preview of the Salon International de la Lingerie’s Fashion Show Catwalk, featuring some of the sexiest, most glamorous, innovative and luxurious designer lingerie, to come onto the scene next season.

All in black – timeless classic black lingerie features in every successful collection, in fact some designers stick to it religiously, whilst boutiques like ours find it’s simply the most ‘in demand’ colour.

Some of the most breathtaking pieces include Lisca’s AW13 body with lace cut out contour design, padded cups for lift and support with sexy scooped out sides, finished beautifully.

Catwalk features Maison Lejaby, Lisca AW13, Chantelle, Maison Close, Lise Charmel, Chantel Thomas and Aubade to name a few of the fabulous designer labels.

Images belong to the Salon International de la Lingerie, follow us here for more beautiful designer lingerie.


Indulge in Divine Lingerie with Tom Ford For CR Fashion Books


View In Full the Amazing work here
Check out CR Fashion Book Issue 3 for Tom Ford’s stunning photography at work.


“Indulgent to an extreme. Consumptive to a fabulous fault. Chasing divine decadence, impossible joy, and other holy pleasures”

Photography Tom Ford

Featuring killer heels by Tom Ford and sexy lingerie by Agent Provocateur and what appears to be an ID Sarrieri lace body.


Sumarie Couture Swimwear at London Fashion Week

Sumarie Couture Swimwear

I am overjoyed to see that true couture swimwear designer Marie Su with her, luxury swimwear brand Sumarie, will be exhibiting their Award winning SS14 collection.

The perfectly titled ‘Femme Fatale’ collection will appear on the catwalk to the backdrop of the debut screening of Sumarie’s swimwear film at Somerset House during LFW.

LFW is going to be so exciting!
Stay tuned for more pics!

Sue x
Founder Red Box Lingerie

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Tom Ford Shoots Tallulah Love Lingerie For CR Fashion Book


-Shoes by Prada and boots by Gianvito Rossi.
-Sunglasses by Jil Sander, Dior & Kenzo
-Lingerie by Tallulah Love, Fleur du Mal, Natori and Victoria Secrets

The shoot is due to feature in CR Fashion Books next edition. The fashion, style and inspiration magazine by Carine Roitfeld (ex French Vogue Editor) said the shoot was, “Indulgent to an extreme, consumptive to a fabulous fault, chasing divine decadence and impossible joy and other holy pleasures.”

A collaboration of talented works by Tom Ford, World famous designer turned photographer and ex Vogue editor create this theatrical luxurious scene including top curvy model Tara Lynn.

The Shot features Tallulah Love’s ‘Femme Fatale’ hot pink silk bra, the ‘Crème De Menthe’ bra in aqua and the beautiful ‘Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly’ thong, Fleur du Mal briefs, Natori shorts all featured in the shoot and were teamed up with Prada shoes, sexy Gianvito Rossi Boots and Dior sunglasses

The photo feature is titled ‘Candy Vaggio’ with the delicious sweets held by Tara Lynn (available from M&S) in a Caravaggio style portrait. The models are beautifully entwined wearing just luxurious lingerie and sexy boots.

Look out for the next edition of CR Fashion book.

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UK Ateliers

A Visit to M&D Solutions: Luxury Lingerie Made in the UK

UK Ateliers  - a Seamstresses Studio

UK Ateliers

UK Ateliers  - a Seamstresses Studio

UK Ateliers  - a Seamstresses Studio

Tatu Couture Luxury Bodywear in progress

Tatu Couture Luxury Bodywear in progress


Those of you who have seen our tweets and facebook status will notice that last Thursday we visited one of the UK’s leading lingerie and underwear factories. I’ll use that term loosely as the studio is more of an ateliers workshop, full of exquisite embellishments, well made hardware and three ladies with the most steady talented hands I have ever seen at work.

Each rail hangs a new set of patterns with a range of samples for the designers to check and evaluate. Every detail is noted and designs take days of tweaking before they are happy. Once the final samples are absolutely perfect, patterns are sized and small batch production of the lingerie commences.

So, how long does it take to make a high quality luxury bra?
This can have a lot to do with the cut, the finish, the details and hardware used, but to give you an idea, the Tatu Couture Soft Bra shown below takes around one hour to construct.
Tatu Couture -Soft-Bra
To put that into perspective, if you recall an article on the Chinese Textile Industry for the THE WALL STREET JOURNAL by Mei Fong, this quoted JUST five minutes to make a contour bra, and just fifteen minutes for a seamed bra. The difference in quality is clear to see.

Figures show that consumers more and more are choosing a high quality lingerie over alternatives. The belief that these high quality garments are an investment, as Nichole de Carle put it, “Fine lingerie is a practical investment.”

The seamstresses at M & D Solutions work extremely hard to create some of the world’s most luxurious creations for Fred & Ginger London, Tatu Couture, amongst other new start up British designer underwear labels. It fills us with pride to have such amazing talent here in the UK. Especially when you consider how many of these pieces are in demand all over the world.

Thanks to Maria and the team at M & D Solutions for making us welcome, sharing with us the work you do and letting us get hands on with Tatu Couture’s latest designs in the making x

Give a shout out here to any other made in UK brands!

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Hello there Mr Darcy: Elegant Subtle Seduction Black Nightwear by La Perla

Well hello there Mr Darcy….

The RBL team spotted these great vintage styled pieces from La Perla’s nightwear collection that look to be straight out of a Downtown Abbey set. It didn’t long before we were mentally recreating our very own moment with Mr Darcy of Pride and Prejudice whilst others dreamed of the Great Gatsby. One thing we all agreed on.. we love them and so they were worth sharing here:

And so to this stunning, elegant nightwear, the influence of the ‘flapper dress’ can be seen here from the 1920’s, rather than enhancing the bust, dresses appeared flatter. Teamed with low waists, perfect for a Charleston. Finished with fringes the style played with a woman’s feminine seductive side, with a powerful demeanour.

CFILPD0016700_NR0002_1_d CFILPD0016723_NR0002_1_d-2 CFILPD0016973_NR0202_3_d CFILPD0016982_NR0002_1_d CFILPD0017001_NR0002_1_dThese can be found over on their new website here: <a href=”″ target=”_top”>La Perla nightwear, elegant and subtle seduction</a><img src=”″ width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″/>

Happy Christmas x


The RBL Team


Tatu Couture BodyWear & Lingerie SS14 Collection












One of our favourite designers, Louisa Sidoli of Tatu Couture does Underwear as Outerwear like no other. Tatu Couture is fashion forward luxury lingerie with a vision to push the boundaries of design and innovation.

This season’s collection plays with feminine colour ink prints, ‘illusion dressing’ the body by incorporating tattoo designs and print into a fashion led collection of modern statement pieces.

My favourites are the slip and the pink print body in black sheer mesh – Lingerie like this is Never Boring!

Shot 1_0470

‘Live Beautifully’ with Beautiful Bottoms Silk Lingerie

Beautiful  is a word that can easily be used to describe the founding designers of Beautiful Bottoms. Lauren & Poppy started the label in 2009, with a clear vision allowing all women to ‘live beautifully’. Feminine boudoir and fabulous prints on silk make Beautiful Bottom’s a distinctive London based lingerie designer, easily recognisable.  Last month we stole a moment with Lauren to find out more about the designer label made in Britain; ‘Beautiful Bottoms’. Read the interview to find out more.

g Shot 1_0470 Shot 1_0478 Shot 1_0479

How would you describe your own personal style?

Casual…love my jeans and a cosy jumper…loving all the Sandro Jumpers this season!

Where do you and Poppy find inspiration for your prints and colours?

The AW13 collection touches on the seasons key trends including stand out prints such as oriental birds, geometric and winter rose as well as hot seasonal colours such as rich plum, ultra violet and metallic luxe. This collection celebrates luscious loungewear, think delicate pyjamas, bedtime jumpsuits, silk robes and indulgent cover-ups. The ultimate in grown-up luxury. The collection is English country with an eccentric twist!! It has a sophisticated feel to it whilst keeping the Beautiful Bottoms girlish charm!
We are inspired by travel. We both are very lucky and travel a lot. Our Summer 14 is a beautiful collection – the colours are bright and beautiful! There are bold botanics, abstract aztecs, intricate plumes in a mixture of pop pinks, acid lemons and vivid tangerines. It has a bohemian feel about it and its draws on the wonders of Morocco. This you will have to wait for until January ‘14!!

If you could dress any celebrity who would it be? 
We would love to dress Poppy Delevigne in BB! She has a boho vibe that is very in keeping with BB. Our floaty Beachwear and Printed Pjs would look beautiful on her!

When creating your lingerie designs, when do you envisage the Beautiful Bottoms women wearing them?

BB is perfect for boudoir, but also its an everyday brand. I wear mine everyday! The bras are super comfy and wear well so they are great for all occasions. Our colours make BB a great choice for Honeymoon & Holiday Lingerie pretty under a summer dress. And then for Winter they look fabulous under a sheer shirt and jeans.

We love that you use a lot of silks, why is this? And what other materials do you favour?

We are both love silks! We wanted to create products in super soft silks – we use georgettes & satins, they all wear well and have a great price point. BB is defined by this along with our beautiful prints. We hand design all the prints in our London studio.

And what about the future for designing Beautiful Bottom’s prints, will there be any specific prints to look out for?

We are taking the brand in a more contemporary direction – these prints are having a wonderful response. Our customer loves our bolder statement prints that are totally unique. Our bright colours do so well so we will always have a selection of fabulous colours in the collections. For SS14 we have a gorgeous Neon Aztec Print that has been our best seller.

What does it mean to be a British designer and make some of your print design in the London?

British fashion has an international reputation for being eccentric, thought provoking and boldly innovative – We are so proud to be British! All our design is done in our London Studio, this includes the pattern and print design and then we manufacture in the far east.

Thanks to Lauren for sharing some of what’s to come from the amazing ‘Beautiful Bottoms’, looking forward to trying the Neon Aztec print!


An Exclusive Interview with Nichole de Carle

Nichole de Carle - Body
Nichole de Carle – Body

nicholedecarle20109 Nichole de Carle London Playsuit 04

As one of the most talented, well respected and iconic designers of British lingerie, we were not only delighted but also intrigued to have the opportunity to ask Nichole some burning questions.  The creative genius behind NDC London, divulged to us what inspires her, who she designs for and just why it’s so AMAZING that her couture lingerie is made in house.

Read the full interview here and view exclusive behind the scenes photos from her <a href=””>workshop in London here</a>.

Your unique, contemporary style stands out from traditional  lingerie on the scene, we would love to hear how YOU would describe the Nichole de Carle London style?

The core style of the brand can be described as structured, symmetrical, contoured, exquisite, and the aim is to ensure that this signature style is featured throughout the ranges. The strength of the core design signature is more visable at the very top of the pyramid in the couture lingerie.  However, with the three collections created by the brand seasonally, there is an opportunity to be creative in exploring different ways of implementing the unique style into the new designs.

Structured is a phrase we often use to describe your designs, I’m convinced my personal love of architecture and the influence this has on your designs explains why I am drawn to your label so much. Nichole tell us about where you find your inspiration?

I have always been inspired by masterpieces of architecture – the beauty of their complex, precise structure is very impressive. The Onyx collection, for example, has been inspired by the unique basket-weave structure of the Chrysler building. In a way, complex architecture is similar to the couture contour design – every half a centimeter makes a significant difference, it just has to be perfect to work. For fabrics and patterns, I look at the creations of Art, which has definitely proved to be a big influence. Travelling, which I also have a strong passion for, allows me to see all these masterpieces in person, which is most inspiring. And sometimes, just getting away to explore a new country or culture can be an inspiration in itself!

When you create these iconic masterpieces inspired by beautiful architecture, art and culture, Who do you see as the woman you design for?

Nichole de Carle London woman is confident with herself and her personal style, successful and independent. I’d like to think the woman who Nichole de Carle London designs for is also fashion-savy, and appreciates the idea of expressing her personality through unique touches like authentically crafted lingerie and other high quality fashion items.

The all important question! We absolutely love made in Britain labels – so much so we want to shout them from the roof tops. But every designer has their reasons. Your label is unique in that you make everything in house, why do you feel this is important?

An in-house production facility allows greater control over the technical development of the garments season to season, which is very important for the designer, as well as the consistency of the fit and quality.  As a British brand I think it is also important to be creating London-based employment opportunities. Working together with the production team also helps to ensure that the team is passionate about the products they are making, which does have a positive impact on the quality of the finished product.

Ethical and sustainable fashion is also very important, we like to think of your lingerie, like others – as less of the ‘fast fashion’ kind and more of ‘an investment’ for longer term enjoyment. Where do you source your fabrics, how do you choose them & how do you ensure that they are ethical?

Our ethical approach to the selection of fabrics extends our ability to source fabrics locally within the UK and Europe. Local knowledge of the market has helped the brand to ensure that suitable working conditions are continued to be met by the fabric producers. Also, based on the experience, local sourcing reassures the brand of the fabric quality and allows for shorter delivery times.

Having owned my own Nichole de Carle London lingerie, I can personally say that it is the most flawless and beautiful underwear in existence. For those who’ve not yet had the pleasure, what makes Nichole de Carle London Lingerie the most exquisite of it’s kind?

The precision and level of skill that is given to making each garment, rare, specifically chosen materials and of course the design itself – a lot of thought goes into creating each piece to shape and compliment the female contour, and at the same time maintain the unique signature and attractive style of the brand.

Thank you Nichole for sharing these things with us, it has been a pleasure to learn more about your amazing label.


Iris London



ince 2012, Iris has been lovingly creating lingerie from an east London studio, Hackney Downs.

“Epitomising modern elegance and structural wearability, Iris stays true to the empowering qualities of lingerie whilst redefining the concept of luxury underwear. Meticulous in all areas of design, sourcing and manufacture, we are a British underwear brand that combines classic craftsmanship with contemporary styles, resulting in feminine, high-fashion intimates to be worn and treasured forever.”

Ellie (Founder) designs and makes everything in house to take advantage of specialist skills, whilst sourcing fabrics locally in the UK. The Iris woman is someone who looks after her appearance, wants something special and feminine. She would also be confident and adventurous.

The collections reflect classic styles modernised with colour or subtle details. Such as the soft cups with dribble strap banding. The use of classic shapes that naturally flatter the female form, compliment the contrasting more modern elements. “Iris is Luxury London Lingerie.”

Learn more about Iris Lingerie on their site


5 Reasons to Support British Made Fashion (Lingerie, Ready to Wear, Shoes & Accessories)


Last year Kate Hills from Make it British, published a very true article setting out, 10 Great Reasons to Buy Made in Britain Gifts. To read Kate’s blog visit here.

Having worked with a number of atelier workshops involved in RBL’s lingerie collections, we want to share with you why Made in Britain Fashion including lingerie , clothing and footwear is so great.

Investment in Quality Garments
You may recall Nichole (Nichole de Carle London’s designer) quoted as stating ‘Fine Lingerie is a Practical Investment’. Nothing could be more truthful when it comes to your underwear draw. Never underestimate the feeling of a well constructed bra from fine materials.


Supporting British Skills & Crafts
Preserving skills, British manufacturing and craftsmanship. Second to none, Britain is among the highest skilled workforces in the world, innovative but also laden with traditional expertise. Many of these skills have been passed through generations, without the end consumer using these, they will die out. What’s more, isn’t it wonderful to know the authentic provenance of your special lingerie, dress or shoes?

Unique Style & Design
Exciting, fashion forward, vibrant directional style from Britain’s most creative talents. British designer lingerie is one of the envies of the world. You only have to look in the fashion capitals exclusive lingerie & ladies wear boutiques in Milan, New York, LA, Sydney and more to see how many Made in Britain labels are regarded as haute couture. We have some of the most inspirational, innovative and directional design in footwear and ready to wear fashion allowing British women to express themselves.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint
Did you know that the UK export 15% of it’s lamb to New Zealand and in turn import 15% from New Zealand? Lamb doesn’t quite compare with knickers – but put simply, the closer to home we design, make, and buy our clothes the lower the Carbon Footprint. It’s nonsensical to send our clothes half way around the world when we don’t need to. The furthest they should ever travel is with you, preferably wearing them!

There’s Lots of Choice
Whilst we love our modern, contemporary edgy designs British brands come in all styles. Take Gilda & Pearl for example, romantic, glamour. Laura Cloke’s label Ell & Cee, handcrafted from silk and silk chiffons the style is bohemian chic. For every british women with her own unique style, there’s a British label out there.

Support Made in Britain, wherever you can and the rewards are on so many levels.

Sue x
RBL Founder


Get Tied up in Style with Darkest Star’s Erotic Contemporary Accessories




Those of you familiar with RBL, will know that we love a bit of kink, no any kind but especially the innovative, contemporary styled garments and accessories.  Darkest Star design and create just that, simple and modern accessories for luxury indulgence of a euphoric kind. We caught up with the creative force behind this luxury label, Sam for an insight into the erotic designs.

Read the Interview below and view the slideshow over at Red Box Lingerie.
How would you describe the style of Darkest Star’ Accessories?
Darkest Star’s style is clean, fresh, original kink.

How does the idea for an accessory start? 
We start the design process thinking about what feelings we want to provoke. A high tailored collar will make you stand in a different way to a slave collar.

Do you have a muse?
Darkest Star’s muse is our house model Renata Trencanska. We’ve been really fortunate meeting her as she know’s how to wear Darkest Starpieces and how they should feel. During fittings we’re able to develop designs, ideas and work together in a very natural way, which is really important when you’re tying someone up!

Who is the women you design for?
We recognise diversity and hopefully have designed a range to satisfy any woman thinking of trying something new in the bedroom or adding a touch of luxury to their tie-and-tease collection .

Your silk scarves and leather bondage sleeves are all made from sensuous luxury fabrics, how do you choose what fabrics to use?
We’re aimed at the high end of boudoir lingerie therefore only use the finest materials. Bondage for us is about sensuality and there’s nothing more sensual than being tied up in meters of sheer black silk.

What can we look forward see in your collections in the future?
We are extending our collection by adding one or two new designs each season. Pieces are designed to work together enabling our clients to build their collection providing many possibilities and variants.
I can see our loungewear collection developing as the harness kimono has been a very popular new addition.

What does it mean for Darkest Star to be made in Britain ?
British Made products are renowned for quality craftsmanship and innovative design. We have a hands on approach to the development and production of our designs therefore it makes sense for us to produce in house.
We’re passionate about British Manufacturing. It’s important to nurture new production units as unfortunately we as a nation are loosing skill base, something that once gone is very difficult to re-build.

Thank you to Sam for your time and an insight into the wonderful creations of kink..

Sue x

Founder RBL

If you’re like me then you will pour over these collections for some time, mentally preparing a wish list…. breath taking, simple contemporary pleasures.

Best Directional Independent Designer Lingerie Made in Britain

Enjoy our list of the Top Independent Directional British Lingerie Designers MADE IN BRITAIN

ALL Undone

Made in Britain

ALL_UN_DONE_PRESS_PR_SS13_Shot_PR_Press_04_038_B (1)

Andrea Billard
Made in Britain


Ayten Gasson
Made in Britain
Luxury Silk Lingerie Proudly Made In Britain. Launched in 2005, Ayten Gasson Lingerie has become famed for a firm commitment to supporting the UK … Making Luxury Silk Lingerie & Nightwear Her fabrics and laces are sourced from local factories and her collections incorporate Organic silk and Peace silk

Luxury Lingerie & Nightwear Made in UK Ayten Gasson

Belle et Bon Bon

Made in Britain


Made in Britain
Luxury lingerie and Underwear as Outerwear pioneeers, Bordelle are talented ateliers, creating beautiful, contour shaping bodywear designed to flatter and support. The best selling Angela Dress, shelf bra and bondage girdle are signature lingerie pieces to Bordelle’s collection. The luxury satin bodysuits, girdles and dress are designed to flatter and support.

Darkest Star
Made in Britain
Modern, subtle and discreet bondage fashion and accessories. Founded by creative couple Sam and Andy D’Cruze, Darkest Star advocate only the highest quality British craftsmanship. With Darkest Star you can get tied up in reims and reims of luxury silk.


Dentelle etc up and coming Brighton Boutique Label
Made in Britain
Dentelle etc.. up and coming Brighton luxury boutique lingerie label. Sourcing their fabrics from Europe & Designing and Manufacturing them in the UK. Dentelle etc.’s designer understands the complex lives of a modern woman and hopes to provide a practical, boudoir and romantic collection, but essentially, quality is the essence of this brand.
lingerie collective Dentelle

Dirty Pretty Things
Made in Britain
The UK Lingerie Awards Winner 2012 – New Designer of the Year

Lingerie doesn’t always have to be elegant. The bright red straps on this leopard print set from Dirty Pretty Things add a bit of rock-chick fun to your underwear drawer.

Elai London

Made in Britain

elai poster- Lisette

Ell & Cee

Made in Britain

ell & cee vintage bridal knicker

Fred & Ginger
Made in Britain
Fred & Ginger British Designer Lingerie

Iris London

Made in Britain

Kiss Me Deadly

60% Made in Britain

Lascivious Luxury Lingerie
Made in Britain


Louise Ferdinand

Made in Britain
London based label, specialist in luxury lingerie handmade in the UK for the fuller busted woman.


Made by Niki
Made in Britain
UK Lingerie Awards – Directional Brand of the Year 2011. Made by Niki’s signature styles include the best selling string collection of skirts, cupless bras and playsuits. With a strong lace print lingerie line with bras, suspenders and knickers. And finally a line of silk tulle in flirty retro styles. Described as Luxurious & Imaginative lingerie for ALL.

made by niki-look-book-autumn-fall-winter- luxury sexy string bodysuit

MC Lounge and Modern Courtesan
Made in Britain
Transport yourself to the glamour and decadence of a Parisian boudoir in this beautiful, feminine balcony bra featuring a flirtatious ruffle on the cup with tulle overlaying a blush pink silk, our classic balcony shape frames the bust beautifully.

Modern Courtesan

Nichole de Carle London
Made in Britain
Designer to the stars, famous for her style inspired by architecture,use of silk fabrics and the occasional diamond embellishment. Nichole de Carle London has designed for Kylie, Nichole Scherzinger, JessieJ, Cheryl and many more exclusive clients who want something unique, luxurious and empowering.


Nicole Gill

Made in Britain


Rebecca Ansah London
Made in Britain
Rebecca Ansah

Rebecca Ansah

Rose Fulbright

Made in Britain


Something Wicked
Made in Britain
Leanne Brooke, winner of New Designer of the Year 2011 at the UK Lingerie Awards
Luxury garments, each piece is made in their studio in Yorkshire.  ‘Whilst most other lingerie brands are manufactured in China and Eastern Europe we made the decision to manufacture in the UK to ensure the highest quality production of our garments.’ (Founder SW)
Obey-My-Demand-Luxury Lingerie-5

Sumarie Couture Swimwear

Made in Britain


Tatu Couture
Made in Britain
Tatu-Couture-SS14-Veronika-body_pinkWho Made Your Pants?

Made in Britain