Nichole de Carle Designer Profile

“Stylishly innovative, Nichole de Carle London is the embodiment of the elegance and confidence that defines femininity. An exclusive brand, underlined by its rich tastes and its refined British craftsmanship, the lingerie has an attractiveness that is undeniably timeless. Strength, beauty and style.” (2012, Nichole de Carle London)

Nichole de Carle lingerie

Nichole de Carle lingerie
Images owned by Nichole de Carle

Nichole de Carle London

If we were to describe the Nichole de Carle Brand in three words, they would be: Stylish Luxury Personified. Exuding feminine wit, sophistication and seductiveness in modern statement pieces.

Founded in 2008 British designer Nichole de Carle started out hand-crafting bespoke lingerie for private clients. In Nichole de Carle’s unique designs we can see some inspiration from her work with Alexander McQueen, Donna Karen in New York and Pleasure State in Australia.

Nichole de Carle is a lifestyle brand that continues to embrace innovation, luxury and attention to detail.

Nichole is one of the true pioneers embracing underwear as outerwear, recommending that you combine lingerie pieces from the collection with a pair of skin tight trousers to create a bold stylish statement.

Nichole de Carle - Body

Nichole de Carle – Body

Nichole de Carle’s Celebrity Following

Nicole de Carle has developed an impressive celebrity following including Cheryl Cole and Alexandra Burke, also designing them bespoke pieces to wear on tour. Her most recent undertaking was to design bespoke outfits for Nichole Sherzinger’s performance for the Capital FM summertime ball.

Nicole de Carle has been famously featured in Vogue Magazine, Glamour, Marie Claire and Grazia to name a few. Also featuring in several TV shows including ‘The Great British Hairdresser’, the reality show ‘Dirty Sexy Things‘ and Dutch show ‘The Next Hair Guru’.

Nichole de Carle’s Signature Collections

Once you’ve identified with her style, the signature collections become staple wardrobe items, these include the ONYX and OPAL lines, new to her range is the Catwalk collection, a young fashion forward brand that will be accessible for all. Not forgetting Serpentine – a sensational swimwear line.


Onyx is the most luxurious, fashion-forward designer lingerie line.
This collection includes a flattering body with directional shape and design, available in seasonal colours but also in nougat and black all year round.

Nichole de Carle Onxy Collection

Nichole de Carle Onxy Collection
Images owned by Nichole de Carle


Opal is composed of more directional and wearable styles. I would define it as the “everyday-luxury” line.

Nichole de Carle Opal

Nichole de Carle Opal
Images owned by Nichole de Carle


Catwalk is the new designer fashionable line, dedicated to a younger customer platform, characterised by an affordable prices and younger styles.


New for Nichole de Carle, this year saw the launch of a Swimwear collection for SS13. The launch was famously held at a fashion show filmed in Monaco, where Labyrinth provided the music for a unique presentation including synchronised swimming. Supported and promoted by the Formula 1 drivers, the event was monumental for Nichole de Care London in spring boarding the swimwear collection.

Made in England

Nichole de Carle is another fabulous British designer proud to be manufacturing in England with exceptional great British standards of quality and fit. Here Nichole works closely with her team, perfecting passionately her amazing creations.

Nichole de Carle

Nichole de Carle
Images owned by Nichole de Carle


Her designs are available in bra cup sizes A-DD, although as demand increases and the collection grows the size range will grow.

Here at Red Box, we absolutely love Nichole de Carle – she is daring and innovative.
Let us know, which is your favourite collection? xx

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